Mężczyźni podający sobie dłoń

M&M Office for the Legalization of the Residence of ForeignersLimited Liability Company llocated in Warsaw

Comprehensive help for foreigners and employees

The specialization of our office is a full legal assistance for foreigners. Primarily, we help in carrying out the processes of foreigners’ stay legalization. We give advice on the choice of the most suitable purpose of a person’s stay, help to compile the necessary documentation and support the persons, who use our services throughout the entire process.

We also offer comprehensive advice for employers who are planning the employment of foreigners. We explain, what documents are necessary for this process and give legal advice.

Contact us – we will willingly answer all your questions!

We have many years of experience – we have helped foreigners to obtain a positive decision on the legalization of stay in Poland. Make an appointment, we will be glad to help you!

For employers

Services for employers who already employ foreigners or are planning on employing.


Powiększony tekst przez lupę

Audit of the lawfulness of foreigner’s employment

We examine the documents and conditions of employment, prepare reports and proposals for amendments.

Mężczyzna przeglądający dokumenty

Examination of documents before employment.

We offer a legal document review

Dokumenty leżące na stole

About the residence permits

We help to obtain either temporary or permanent residence permits for emloyees.

Uśmiechnięta kobieta

How to change the terms of employment of a foreigner

We advise on how to change the terms of employment and concurrently make them comply with applicable regulations.

Kobieta patrząca na laptop mężczyzny

Training for employers

We conduct training in legal issues related to the employment of foreigners.

Podpisywanie dokumentu

Posting of employees

We provide legal advice on both posting employees to Poland from third countries and posting foreign workers to other EU countries. We help to obtain the A1 certificate.

We are willing to answer all your questions! Contact us!

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