Podanie rąkServices of the Office for the Legalization of Residence of Foreigners M&M

We also offer additional services. Our services include:

  • translation of documents;

  • assistance in choosing the appropriate insurance policy necessary to obtain a residence card;

  • conversion of a driving license to a Polish one, assistance in vehicle registration;

  • assistance in obtaining a permit for a foreigner to purchase real estate in Poland.

We also offer bilingual powers of attorney: for a car; for obtaining a consent for the child to travel abroad; for gettting a child a visa and passport; for the acquisition of real estate and registration, for the opening or selling of a business.

We also provide legal services for business entities on a subscription basis - bulk payment or an hourly rate.


Assistance in obtaining a license

In cases of oreigners, who want to start a business in Poland, that requires an appropriate license, we offer assistance in obtaining it. The range of our services includes assistance in obtaining a license for an employment agency, as well as legal advice for people planning on starting a business in the transport industry.

We will help you in obtaining a license:

  • for UBER / BOLT,

  • for passenger transport,

  • transport licenses up to 3.5 tons,

  • transport licenses over 3.5 tons,

  • licenses for international transport.