Przenoszenie kontenera dźwigiemCommercial law

We offer help in starting your own business. The range of our services includes legal services and representing the entrepreneurs in state institutions. We will explain to you what the changes in the National Court Register entered through the S24 system are, and we will also help you in this process.

We also offer PRS service - court registers portal. This action is necessary if you plan to register in the National Court Register:

  • professional partnership;
  • a limited joint-stock partnership,
  • a joint-stock company.

PRS service is also necessary, when you plan to register a general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company or simple joint-stock company in the National Court Register, in a situation, when a company’s deed was concluded in a traditional form.


Economic agreements

Every foreigner has the right to undertake and pursue an economic activity in the form of:

  • limited partnership;

  • a limited joint-stock partnership;

  • limited liability company;

  • joint-stock company;

  • a branch of a foreigner’s company;

  • running a sole proprietorship;

on the same terms as Polish citizens. Such persons may also join companies and acquire or purchase their shares or stocks. If a foreigner plans to stay in Poland in order to conduct a business activity, they may legalize their stay on this basis, i.e. obtain a visa or a temporary residence permit in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Economic activity in Poland may be set up on the day of submitting the application for entering the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity or entering the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register.


Company registration procedures

You can register a general partnership, professional partnership, limited partnership, limited joint-stock partnership, limited liability company, simple joint-stock company and joint-stock company in the National Court Register. Company registration takes place online via the S24 system or via the PRS portal and requires you to set up an account in the selected system and its confirmation with a trusted profile or a qualified signature. To set up a trusted profile, you need a PESEL number that identifies the person. The application for a PESEL number should be registered or submitted in the commune office.

Foreigners from third countries who want to register a general partnership or a partnership must present a document confirming that due to their residence title they have the right to establish such a company - for example, a permanent residence card.


Types of companies

Pogrupowane dokumentyForeigners from third countries who do not have a residence permit enabling them to set up a business on the same terms as Polish citizens, cannot set up a sole proprietorship, partnership or general partnership of a person, however, they may operate in the form of a company:

  • a limited partnership;

  • a limited joint-stock partnership,,

  • a limited liability company;

  • a simple joint-stock or joint-stock company.

A limited partnership is a commercial partnership that may be established by at least two partners, one of which is a limited partner, i.e. a person with limited liability for the partnership's obligations, and the other is a general partner - a person responsible for the partnership's obligations without limitations. A limited partnership may acquire rights and incur liabilities on its own behalf - hire employees, purchase real estate, and take out loans.

A limited joint-stock partnership is a partnership in which at least one partner is a general partner (unlimited liability) for the obligations of the partnership and at least one partner is a shareholder. A shareholder is a person who owns the company's shares. Individuals, legal persons, organizational units without legal personality, that have a legal capacity, may become shareholders. Such a company may acquire rights and incur liabilities on its own behalf, it also has a capacity to be involved in court cases.

A limited liability company is a capital commercial company with legal personality, with the founders, who may be individuals or legal persons, regardless of their nationality or place of residence. To set up a limited liability company, you must have the capital required - at least PLN 5,000.

A joint-stock company is a capital commercial company with legal personality that may be established by one or more persons, while PSA, i.e. a simple joint-stock company, is a simplified type of joint-stock company, introduced on July 1, 2021.


Changes in the National Court Register

From July 1, 2021, the change of company’s data in the National Court Register takes place only via the Internet - via the S24 system or the PRS portal.

Through the Court Registers Portal (PRS), you can submit an electronic application to the registry court for entry to the National Court Register:

  • an application for registration of an entity,

  • an application for a change of data in the National Court Register,

  • an application for the removal from the National Court Register.

With the help of PRS, you can also send any letter to the registry court by e-mail, submit financial statements, as well as other documents to the Repository of Financial Documents.


Company liquidation

The dissolution of the company takes place upon its deletion from the register of entrepreneurs kept by the National Court Register on request of an authorized entity (company liquidator) or authorities. If you plan to liquidate the enterprise, you must:

  • appoint liquidators,

  • report the opening of liquidation to the registry;

  • prepare the liquidation opening balance sheet;

  • carry out liquidation activities;

  • divide the property,

  • prepare a summary of the liquidation,

  • submit an application for the removal of the company from the National Court Register.


Legal services for enterprises

We offer comprehensive legal services for enterprises, which includes assistance in establishing and liquidating business activities as well as consulting on every stage of business operations.